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To provide additional clarification, this Frequently Asked Questions section has been added.  If you do not find an answer to your question here, please contact us at or via phone at 847-277-9520.

    Q: I noticed in the site updates that you will be owning and operating an Irish pub in 2010.  Will BLAM stay in business, and /or can you still help me?
    A: Unfortunately this new venture has made it necessary to shut down virtually all of my “hands-on” operations as of the latter half of 2009.  However,  I will always be able to provide to my customers very solid, reliable references for services.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or advice as my phone and email addresses will remain active.

    With the above in mind, following is the original FAQ...

    Q:  Wow, you list many diverse services!  Can you really do it all?
    A: Actually, everything listed are areas in which we feel a true value-add can be offered to our customers - either on a hands-on or consulting basis.  As the company develops we will likely become more specialized in areas where demand is the greatest.  Yes, there will also be some limitations - for example, we are not professional photographers but do offer basic digital services.   If you have any questions about anything, it’s best to contact us to discuss your ideas or needs. 

    Q:  Do you have a standard price list?
    A:  Not really - jobs will be quoted on an individual basis, taking into account estimated time, difficulty, and additional needs (supplies, programs, etc.).  Small projects and requests for help can be quoted on an hourly rate that’s competitive in the industry.  Contact us for further information.

    Q:  How long will it take to complete a job?
    A:  Many factors are involved so this can’t be summarized without knowing what your job entails.  Jobs will be scheduled on a first-come, first served basis, so completion dates will depend on the current workload.  One of the strong points from my former employment was the ability to do quick, accurate work and efficiently handle multiple tasks.  With that in mind, every effort will be made to get your request completed in a timely fashion.

    Q: What resources do you have?
    A: Plenty.  Available to us are high-end computer systems, a high speed cable connection, and a wide variety of software solutions to accomplish virtually any task.  This includes laptops for work remotely or on-site at your facility.  Audio resources include digital editing capabilities, a tremendous amount of music and sound effects, plus sound gear for large events.  Digital video & photography equipment are also at our disposal.  Some additional external resources are comprised of reliable contacts in printing, design, A/V and duplication services.

    Q: Is there a list available of your external resources & contacts?
    A:  Yes and no.  What we have done is compiled a list of trustworthy, reliable, vendors that can be used for various projects.  Each one has its own strengths and unique characteristics, so part of the service we offer is to find the best fit for the customer and/or project at hand.  There will of course be instances when you may work directly with one of our sources as a BLAM customer.

    Q:  Do you need a deposit to begin work?
    A: It depends on the job.  Typically a deposit will not be requested unless there are additional materials needed for the work, or if additional factors (such as a “rush” job) are part of the project.  When quoting your cost, this will be addressed at that time.

    Q: Where are you located?
    A: Our office is currently in Barrington; it is a home office.  Mailing and contact info is included on the Contact Us page.  If you are interested in a meeting, we can either come to your business offices or directions to ours will be provided. 

    Q: What’s with the “we?”  It appears there’s only one person in your company.
    A: I’m doing some optimistic planning for the future!  True, BLAM is currently a sole proprietorship, but long-term goals would be to eventually have a full staff of creative, skilled hard working individuals - either directly employed or on a consulting/referral basis. 

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